Collapsible/expandable Menu? jQuery?

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Collapsible/expandable Menu? jQuery?

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I was looking to add some menus to my site. My co-devloper has already implemented jQuery in to various aspects of the site. We use a tabbed navigation system with in some pages of the site.Lets say a user uploads an image, when you go to the details page, you have a description tab,file specs tab,etc. Now if a user goes to the detail page for image 29, and say they closed the page viewing the file specs tab, this tab would be loaded rather then the default tab which is description. Now I was looking to implement some menus along these lines. The first, being an admin cp. This is a screen of a vBulletin admin cp. I would like to mimic this. Also, the second picture, is a set of pages with in a user cp area. It is based on XenForo. Now maybe this is a silly question, but I am pondering weather to use jQuery myself, or deviate and use a more purpose built script like some sort of php based collapsible menu script? Even if you suggest jQuery I would still like to hear suggestions on any php(preferably) collapsible menu building scripts.

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Re: Collapsible/expandable Menu? jQuery?

Post by Jade »

to hear suggestions on any php(preferably) collapsible menu building scripts.
PHP is a server side language. It can't do any changes on the fly so you won't find any drop down menus built in PHP. You could find a script that implements PHP code inside of it but the actual display/hiding of the menu has to be done with a client side scripting language like CSS or Javascript.

If you already have JQuery in place it's probably easier to stick with it than trying to hack and slash what you currently have. Do a google search for JQuery menus and you'll find tons of them to choose from.
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