Huge XML file HELP!

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Huge XML file HELP!

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I really need your help
I have this large 22GB XML file data I scraped and I need to replace some strings in it.
The problem is I tried several of XML editors and only one actually managed to only open the file (EmEditor). When I started to replace, it got stuck and closed (tried it many times).
I think I need a program that only opens part of the file each time replaces the string and then opens the next part and replaces the same string etc...

Can anyone help please?

Thanks in advance ;)
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Re: Huge XML file HELP!

Post by pickle »

Not sure about what desktop applications you can use. I'd guess pretty much anything will croak on a 22GB file.

There is a PHP library, XMLReader, that iterates through an XML file one node at a time, rather than loading the whole file into memory at once - which sounds like what you want.
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Re: Huge XML file HELP!

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The problem is in the size of your file (22GB is no joke). Try this XMLReader, it might help you.
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Re: Huge XML file HELP!

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