Questions about PHP,Adobe Flash(ActionScript) and mysql data

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Questions about PHP,Adobe Flash(ActionScript) and mysql data

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is this possible:

i am going to create a system (an instructional material also known as Computer-Aided or Assisted Instruction ) for which its functions are just like in Microsoft Encarta for Kids. to make it very interactive (since the one who will use this are just elementary students), i will going to use Flash for the animations for the contents. The content must be dynamic meaning, the quizzes and the topics for the lesson can be updated anytime by the teacher, whenever he/she wants. of course, the teacher has no knowldge about creating animations, all he/she needed to do is to type the contents(quizzes and topics) in the form provided by the system. i am also going to have a account registration for the students, for which all scores that they have gotten from the past lesson will be recorded in the database. all the information will also be putted in the database. i have seen some forums that it is really possible to have the contents in the flash will become dynamic and also can be connected to the database through the help of the PHP. (thats what i have read). help me please to clarify some things. please give a meaningful information guys. please give me the link also if any.

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Re: Questions about PHP,Adobe Flash(ActionScript) and mysql

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Create your videos and divide them into catagories

Build database

Build flash forms and interface (quizzes) --- flashvars can help follow this link :

Php can perovide security -- session id and send and rec info based on member.

Info (videos) can be swapped into and out of Flash using xml (simple text form) example here:


Rod Russell
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