Problem validating XML

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Problem validating XML

Post by handro1104 »

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$xml = new DOMDocument ();
$xml->load ( $xmlFilePatht );
if (! $xml->schemaValidate ( $xmlSchema )) {
	echo basename($xmlFilePath) . " is invalid according to " . basename($xmlSchema) . " the errors are:" . PHP_EOL;
	$errors = libxml_get_errors ();
	foreach ( $errors as $error ) {
		print libxml_display_error ( $error );
The XML file is

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<?xml version="1.0"?>
	<child_string>This is an example.</child_string>
	<child_integer>Error condition.</child_integer>
I am getting the error message "<b>Error 1872</b>: The document has no document element. on line <b>-1</b>".
Your help will be greatly appreciated,

Alejandro Barrero
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Re: Problem validating XML

Post by Celauran »

$xmlSchema isn't defined. Typo in your load call, also: $xmlFilePatht.
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