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azure is broken

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 7:15 am
by Vegan
my site is now offline due to problems with Azure, a test of a new site with a different domain shows there are more problems than originally suspected

its too expensive to use a virtual machine, in addition to the monthly cost is the overhead of domain taxes etc

My site was 15,000 page views a month or more, so this is a major blow against a startup business

More than 5,000 unique visitors each month

site has been down for more than a week now, come tuesday I guess its time to motivate Azure to fix problem more forcefully

Re: azure is broken

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2016 6:52 am
by Vegan
update, had to use a different URL for my site, so it will be a while until Google figures it out and broken links are reindexed etc