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Not for 'how-to' coding questions but PHP theory instead, this forum is here for those of us who wish to learn about design aspects of programming with PHP.

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Re: Advanced PHP Resources

Post by gmrtss »

Very helpful guidelines and first stop for class info!
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Re: Advanced PHP Resources

Post by josh »
info on the layering pattern, its about python not PHP, but still relevant
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Re: Advanced PHP Resources

Post by gregor171 »

Great books for design patterns:

Design Patterns (gang of four)
Patterns of Enterprise Aplication Architecture (Martin Flower)
Pattern-Oriented Analysis and Design (Sherif M. Yacoub, Hany H. Ammar)

PHP older:
Pro PHP Patterns Frameworks Testing and More

New great book for PHP patterns:
Appres (2008) Matt Zandstra : PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice
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Advanced PHP Resources

Post by montyhar2 »

I am a software engineer.I have learn php.Thanks for share this information.I have learn Joomla,Magenta and drupal languages.Your tutorial are best.I have refered this tutorial.Thanks.
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Re: Advanced PHP Resources

Post by nihdalas »

The above discussed guides were so helpful for PHP developers.I would like to say about a PHP framework named as NOLOH. NOLOH is an object oriented PHP Framework. It is used as a development platform for web Application. NOLOH can be deployed easily not only in any Web browsers but also in all Operating Systems. Also it completely reduces the use for HTML and JavaScript.just check this frame work it is useful for php programmers.please refer this link
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Re: Advanced PHP Resources

Post by remshad »

beachguy29588 wrote:The guides were helpful!!!! Thanks for the really helpful guides!!!
i need some more information .....!
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Re: Advanced PHP Resources

Post by clark551 »

awesome........thanks for sharing......... :)
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