Testing a database / automated API creation tool

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Testing a database / automated API creation tool

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Any PHP developers interested in testing an advanced database creation tool with a graphical user interface that includes the following features:

- Easy access of your data through CRUD based URL's
- Secure your data with encrypted connections
- Easy graphical user interface allowing you to build and customize your database
- Input filters: change data as it comes in before saving it
- Output filters: change data as it goes out before using it in your application
- Validations: make your custom REGEX validations or use the many built in validations
- Graphical relation manager (create one-many, many-many, one-one relations by dragging and dropping)
- Graphical representation of all relationships
- Automatic relationship generation through the API by supplying related objects
- All relations are bi-directional meaning you can fetch them from both sides
- Never execute extra queries in your code again for fetching relations
- Easy GUI API available from the back-end

What's in it for you, is alot of fun and free access for life (if you like it of course!) :-)

I am just curious to see how other developers think about this product and how it works. I have been using it internally for quite some time and I'm thinking about publishing it (it starts with free accounts anyway). It's very stable, fast, safe, expandable etc. Please let me know if you have any questions prior to being able to decide or not. I could let a few of you guys in, especially if you have data driven projects running let me know because it's the ultimate test and it also might be a very nice opportunity to try something else for a change :-)
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