Volunteer PHP/MYSQL Help Needed (For Web Database)

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Volunteer PHP/MYSQL Help Needed (For Web Database)

Post by jonathantheaker »


I run a website http://hintscape.net, it is a MMORPG fan site, I aim to bring free useful information to fans of the MMORPG we base our website around.

I have a project I have had on paper for nearly a year now, I used to know a university student who wrote all of the PHP scripts I needed but he's found a job and is too busy to help as of late.

The Project
I am looking for someone to build a web database program with backend add, edit and delete admin functions and frontend search and view information functions. I would like the backend entered info to be stored in a MYSQL database. Ideally i would like to be able to have a template that formats the returned MYSQL data in to a user friendly page accessed by clicking search results.

I am fine with HTML coding and "making things look good" I just need the actual core program built.

If you think you may be able to offer a few hours a week to help with this project please contact me at jonathan@fullofyakspit.net

I look forward to working with you.
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Re: Volunteer PHP/MYSQL Help Needed (For Web Database)

Post by maingroup »

I am a MySQL DBA. I volunteer to do the database work for you.
Free of charge of course. My email is maingroup@yahoo.com
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