A new CMS approaches - Tribute-CMS

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A new CMS approaches - Tribute-CMS

Post by dixo1 »

What is Tribute-CMS?
Tribute-CMS is a open source CMS funded and maintained by Dannie Hansen with the goals to give any website owner maximum out of their website experience.

Tribute-CMS got a team with an eye for detail and user friendly stuff which will ensure you never run into trouble finding the right tools.
As for the development part where some of you might wanna develop custom content we got a solution. Not only we will have a module system so you can create / install your own
modules but a plugin system which allows you to create new tags used for our special page system.

What is that page system your talking about?
Each page on the website other than the pages the modules or plugins generate will be in the database.
Let's say you got a news plugin installed which gather news from the database and list them out in a box.
This box then got a tag which you can call when creating a page for your fellow users.

Here is an example:
This is a page using the news plugin:

This page would have the written text on it but instead of {Plugin:News} it will write whatever the plugin News now returns.
This give YOU the power to create and setup your pages just as you want.

Who is the guy behind all this?
The guy is Dannie Hansen and he is the one writing this message (Me as you might figure out).
I'm 17 years old and live in Denmark. Amt I'm working on a education as web developer using the .net framework (c#) which I'm almost done with.
Since i was 10 i knew this was what i was going to be doing for the rest of my life. This is what i passion about and i love doing it all the way.

I'm a glade and gentle guy with a mature attitude toward my work. I can be immature as anyone can but i take my work seriously and give it all it can take if needed.

What are you recruiting for and what do you have to offer?
As for now I'm looking for mature people with a positive attitude with the will to learn just as i do.
The positions is as following:

• Lead PHP developer [ Seat taken by Dannie Hansen ]
• Lead XHTML 1.0 / CSS 2.0 developer [ 0/1 ]
• Lead graphic designer [ 0/1 ]
• Community manager [ 0/1 ]
• PHP developers [ 0/2 ]
• graphic designers [ 0/2 ]

I offer you a social network of developers which passion about their work. With us by your hand you will always have someone to come to if you run unto trouble with a problem related with your section.
All income will go for the website host as it's 120$ a year - Rest of the income made out of plugins, modules and template will be split among the team members.
All development will go trough SVN as it's where the core is at so make sure to give it a check before writing an application.

If you wish to be a part of this new upcoming CMS you'll have to email "dannie93dk@hotmail.com" with a ton of info about you.
You will need for either link some of your work or send it with the mail so i can get a visual look of what you're capable of.

Make sure to set the subject of the email to something i will see, i recommend using the title of the position you search for to join as first and then your name at last.

This that would make your application looks extremely well in my eyes:
• Attach a CV
• Having previous experience with open source projects
• A mic as we're going to be using MSN - A mic is useful for meetings.

Thanks you for reading my recruitment thread and i hope to hear from some of you soon.
As a lst note: SVN is already setup but the revision / code is outdated as i haven't commited for quite awhile. Website with host/domain coming soon.

Best regards,
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Re: A new CMS approaches - Tribute-CMS

Post by greyhoundcode »

Does Tribute CMS have a website we can look at?

How will it be licensed? Is the intention for the core work to be Free and Open Source with income being generated by extras, or is the project commercial in its entirety?
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Re: A new CMS approaches - Tribute-CMS

Post by greyhoundcode »

Ahh .. missed the last bit about the website coming soon.
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Re: A new CMS approaches - Tribute-CMS

Post by danniehansen »

The project is currently on hold. Finding good recruits is hard these days. So i found the only solution was to find a dedicated person and teach him up.

The current project that is first on the list to be finished and out in BETA is http://quad-line.com/ which will be a online editor for HTML/CSS.
With a month fee on 5$ the user would be granted access to a live editor where he/her can edit HTML/CSS and view it live as they write their code.
Each project they create is assigned as a template which they can save/load. Each template got a file manager where they can upload/delete/edit files or create folders.

Once that project is out of the way and is in somewhat BETA we'll start on tribute-cms. Payment will be a reality when that day comes. Hourly payment.
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