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New Gaming centrered site > Gamer profiles

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This really applies for anyone who has or uses Steam
Counterstrike and other elated games.

I have pieced and written some stuff which when an ID / Community Link gets entered, It will go away pull their information from XML and out put it nicely and display their VAC ban status
I own , which I believe to be a good domain name as there are other domains that actually start with “steamid”
What are my plans?
Don’t really want to go much into detail but it is centred around SteamIDs where people will be able to register , leave comments against SteamID’s - My vision of the site would be you can enter the ID in or though the link like “” and it will pull the information from mysql aswell as grab live XML data. I would like registered users to be able to leave comments agaist other profile like experiences playing with the user or if they have been a nuisance , a rating system too.

My father runs websites which are based off advertising however this would be profit free as I see this as a fun project, If what I see was setup and running online I could see it getting a lot of unique visitors. I work so paying for hosting isn’t a problem for me , I have hosting that the site can sit on for now , Ive been looking at decent hosting with fast servers to handle a lot of mysql queries and its in my budget . I was considering paying someone to do this however , as there is no return for me there is no point.
What needs to be done?
Database designed to site specs (should be easy)
graphics (I’ve designed a fair few sites so I can work on this)
Search function
Registration / Comment
Dynamic profile pages made
SEO (I can work on SEO as i have people in the family)
I have a little understanding on PHP / MYSQL , Done a bit on VB in the past and wish to also expand my knowledge , Currently reading though my fathers PHP books
I enjoy my games so this is why I would like to setup a site like this , Im currently having a baby (1 day over due) so if any replies are made I apologise in advanced.

Thanks , Martin
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