Looking for a long term partner for Music social website

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Looking for a long term partner for Music social website

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Hello, hello,

I'm not sure if I was even ready to post in this area yet because I was just getting familiar with this forum.But what the heck why not! The project that I'm working on is a Music social networking site. Blahh..blahh...blah NOT ANOTHER MUSIC SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOPE! It's not just another social networking site. It's a music social site with a REAL purpose. Since I'm a musician, I have a fond love of music. I have watched the music industry change over the years and I felt as if it was my time to jump in and grab the opportunity while it is still available. My site is already setup and put together. It just needs a bit of tweaking done by me.

What I'm looking for is a developer who has his hands in every code imaginable. They don't have to be a Guru, they can be someone who is just looking for a gravy train to jump on. (You have to work of course). At this point, I am interested in finding someone who is capable of writing code. I want a DAW... if you don't know what a DAW is. Let me break it down, It's a digital audio workstation. I want the users of the site to be able to collaborate and create their music with eachother through this DAW.

AViary.com has an audio editor and so does indabamusic.com.

I want "us" to create something funky and fresh. Something that is going to turn this social site outwards. I would share the concept of the site with everyone but I'm not quite ready to do so yet. But oh yes, there is a concept to the site. Artists aren't just creating profiles and posting music, It's going to be a world of music labels located in one place. Of course if I find the right person to partner up with, then we will definitely break down the objective and goal of the site.

There will be other things we will create for the site but this is the first and most important project. I used Joomla as the foundation of the site. So if you have experience with Joomla then come on in! :D

Whomever I partner up with must be willing to stay onboard. We will talk about future revenue, profits and owning shares as the site grows. And oh yes, this site will grow. Angel investors are watching so it's important that the people I choose to work with will have just as much passion as I do :P

I am also wanting to partner up with a few one writer. So if you love music and love talking and interviewing musicians, then you can send over a word to me and we can talk it out. IT's MEANT TO BE FUN!

Whew!!!!!! that was a mouthful, my fingers are dry..................

Happy music!
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