MySQL on Heroku. Need alpha testers for my Heroku add-on

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MySQL on Heroku. Need alpha testers for my Heroku add-on

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Hey Everyone,

I've developed an add-on for Heroku (popular PaaS) which allows you to use MySQL databases instead of Postgres which is the default. I need a handful of alpha testers to install the add-on (it's free) and try to use one of the created databases with their app or a sample app. Whatever you feel like using on Heroku.

It would be a big plus if you are already familiar with Heroku or using other PaaS' architectures. Heroku really makes hosting and production environments easy and I'm hoping to make MySQL available to users who are more familiar with it than Postgres.

Once the add-on goes live, all alpha testers will get preferential pricing on the different tiers of database hardware and plans :)

If you are interested, please send an email with your heroku-linked email address to and I will send the invite.

Thank you for your help!
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