Looking for volunteers to join your project? Need help with a script but can't afford to pay? Want to offer your services as a volunteer to build up your portfolio? This is the place for you...

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We are a Toronto Based young company that has big dreams and always invites new ideas but with almost no budget to work with. If the idea of trading skills offends you and I receive an angry reply, I will not respond because I have nothing good to say and understand you also need to make a living. This is a ‘Temporary’ Non-Paid position in exchange for dance classes.

The projects are simple and broken down into separate parts.

If you are someone experienced in Web Development, CSS, and PHP Programming. Object oriented programming experience would be great. Contact us right away!
If you are new to the country, consider this one of the greatest way to gain a great Canadian Experience! And built a strong portfolio for yourself. We bring you an active lifestyle and exciting change in your life.
Access Ballroom is a Dance Company and a Reception Venue. We believe that dancing is a great way to enrich your lifestyle and bring people closer together. We our an ambitious group that want to bring joy and laughter into every person’s heart through dance.

In appreciation for some of your work, you may enjoy free access to the funnest parties in town organized by our team. You would get free access to our group classes for Ballroom & Latin Dance. Check out our Class Schedule for times and days.

We highly value those who have given us a parts of their expertise that helps make many people’s dreams come true.

Please apply by sending us some info:
Phone Number:
Web and PHP Experience:
Samples of your work, or link to your website (if available):

Access Ballroom is giving out FREE Trial Private Classes!

Tell all your friends and family; send them this link and have them join you in our classes!


Click on this link: ... s-toronto/
Call us at 1-416-690-3900
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