problem using system() in linux

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problem using system() in linux

Post by wassersohn »

Hi everyone!, I'm working with PHP and I am having some problems with the system function. I hope you can help me, please.

First of all, I'm using lampp (xampp for linux) and ubuntu 10.4. In my server, in a directory located in /opt/lampp/htdocs/iris I have a program made in c which I need to execute but, when I do it, system returns an error. I replace that program to another that only has a cout and it returns an error too so the program it's not the problem, is the way that I call it or something like that. I wrote exactly this:

$resultado = system("./main libor ./datos/n4/4.jpg ./datos/n4/4.cod ./datos/n4/4.err);
and in $resultado it returns false so the program fails. I have used umask(0) and chmod("nombrearchivoX",0777) in order to made all the archives that I'm using reachable for all type of users.

I executed the command that I'm passing to system manually and it all goes well!, and I'm in the correct directory because I do a system("ls") and the program is there.

In the same directory, if I write an linux script and I use system("nameofthescript") it all goes well!! why not when I'm using a C++ compiled program??

Why can't I execute the program?, what am I doing wrong??

Thanks for all, all suggestions are welcome.
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Re: problem using system() in linux

Post by VladSun »

Try using absolute file paths (i.e. /directory1/directory2/main) for the command itself and its arguments.
Also redirect stderr to stdout like this

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$result = system("/directory/command arg1 arg2 2>&1");
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