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HTTP Status 500 in php java bridge!!

Posted: Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:25 am
by pritam.insync
I am using php-java bridge to access the methods of a java file from the comand prompt every thing works fine but when i try to run this script in an yweb browser I get
type Exception report


description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.


javax.servlet.ServletException: Servlet.init() for servlet PhpJavaServ in /java/ on line 520

The code---->

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$pipe = new Java("Payment");
//$amount = 100;
echo $status = $pipe->performPaymentInitialization();

$payID = $pipe->getPaymentId();
$payURL = $pipe->getPaymentPage();
$urlToRedirect = $payURL . '?PaymentID=' . $payID;
echo $urlToRedirect;
//header('Location: '. $urlToRedirect);
header('Location: '. $urlToRedirect);

I dont know why I am getting this error plz help

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