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Author:  Hotelsincarmel [ Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:08 am ]
Post subject:  Linux Question

How can I load the GRUB loader and have it support USB if the BIOS doesnt have that option?

I have this old Lappy that doesnt have a working HDD. So ive been on a quest to get it to boot some OS off a USB drive. This is quite difficult because it doesnt have BIOS support for booting USB. Ive been playing around with linux and GRUB and stuff lately. So what im after is:

A Floppy or CD that BOOTS GRUB and has USB support.
So it Loads USB drivers or something, and then can boot whatever i choose. For Example, if i tell it to boot from the Win98 IO.sys file, it should boot thta way. The only issue i have is, as i have said, that the BIOS doesnt natively support USB booting.

Anyway, Any help is appreciated.

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