Intrusion Detection on Debian

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Intrusion Detection on Debian

Post by phpnewbie_101 »

Hi: I'm wondering what is the best way for intrusion detection on Debian.

Specifically I have a Rackspace Cloud server configured just the way I like it, with chrooted lighttpd and chrooted mysql, along with the usual security (firewall, permissions etc.) It seems extreme waste to go to all that trouble and not have intrusion detection.

So this is what I want:

1. E-mail every day telling me status of server and what files have changed
2. Telling me who has logged in at what time
3. Telling me of any unusual activity

The reason I ask, is that all the intrusion detection software I've looked at relies on a database. But if someone gains root access, they could alter this database. Most solutions involve mounting a write protected floppy, but obviously that is not a solution. So the ideal software would configure hassle free a write-protected mount, or even better a database of file signatures on my local machine (A Windows 7 box). Then I would connect to the server, or the server would e-mail me, and it would notify me of any changes to system files.

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Re: Intrusion Detection on Debian

Post by VladSun »

The attacker won't be able to alter your DB contents on a remote DB server - just create an INSERT only granted user for the IDS software.

Tripwire is close to what you want - it's a host based IDS (though I'm not sure it works with DB). Probably you'll also find Snort useful - a network based IDS.
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