Trouble Compiling PHP 7.1.8 w/ LDAP on Solaris

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Re: Trouble Compiling PHP 7.1.8 w/ LDAP on Solaris

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Looking at the backtrace, it showed it was still trying to use the 'ldap' files in the Solaris system. After compiling OpenSSL, Curl and OpenLDAP, and building each of those against each other, I was finally able to get LDAP working in PHP. I appreciate your time, and for nudging me in the right direction. Solaris created a PHP 7.1 package while we were working through all this, I haven't seen what is in that yet, it would be nice to use the PHP packages that Solaris provides so we don't have to manually build this, and have some sort of support with them.

Thanks again, requinix!

Edit: Hopefully this saves somebody weeks of troubleshooting.
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