Improve usability of website

It doesn't matter if you do all the error checking in the world, or if you have the most beautiful graphics, if your site or application design isn't usable, it's not going to do well. Get input and advice on usability and user interface issues here.

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Improve usability of website

Post by ulli.web »

Hello Guys and girls,

i wanted to gather some feedback on our website, what we can improve regarding the usability and design.
Design is very important to use, and users should easily find what they search for.

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Re: Improve usability of website

Post by renoldscott »

I have took a look at your web site that's great but you need to add some back ground images to your site.
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Re: Improve usability of website

Post by shiningsun »

It looks pretty good but I have a quite long time of loading.
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Re: Improve usability of website

Post by scottjessica »

There are a few things you can do to improve your website's usability and provide a great user experience to your website visitors. Your website loading speed should be good. Make your website content easy to find and use a big font size, so it can be easy for users to read your website content.
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