Error handling in application

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Error handling in application

Post by cali_dotcom »

hi guys, i am currently building a nice website and i was just wondering about the best way to handle errors, database and webservices errors.
i was thinking on implementing a mixture of file and db logging. so basically i would log to db all the time and then i would log to filewhen there is a db error. i am also thinking of the best way to handle this.
the site is built in Zend Framework, so i am considering using the zend error handling and logging functionality, but i worried it might be too much overhead.

do you guys have any suggestions as to the best way to go about this? zend, pear or any other?
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Re: Error handling in application

Post by Christopher »

You might want to think about the standard PHP error logging. It is obviously very efficient. Take a look at trigger_error().
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