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Karma Works!
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Author:  volomike [ Wed Apr 30, 2008 11:34 am ]
Post subject:  Karma Works!

I've established a policy awhile back that I get to know my competitors, whom I consider associates (because the word "colleagues" sounds elitist and archaic these days). I get to know what skills they're good at, and we exchange ideas even though we are competing with each other in some ways. Some share with me their rates or what they'd be willing to take on. I always consider carefully what I share, but I do share a good bit and try to encourage and help new freelancers who want to do this seriously.

In the past month, I made about 15 referrals for work to others in this list from work that either I could not do or work that was too low of a rate for me. Most were never contacted, unfortunately, or were contacted and then the deal fell through. However, a scant few made a good bit of money off of this, they tell me -- much more than I anticipated they would. They also said that they did manage to get a slightly higher price per hour, but not by much more than what I said. However, they found they could bill for more hours, which I didn't perceive in many cases that they could bargain for.

I did those referrals not as sublets, but just out of respect and kindness, and because I felt that karma is important in this world, and what comes around goes around.

Well, today I was handed a lucrative referral -- something that might land me a good, decent contract, which I am badly in need of as my monthly sales quota for April was terrible. This new referral and reference was handed to me by a client candidate I did not take because my rates were too high for him, but which I referred to him a decent freelancer.

So, guys, I'm telling you, karma works. What comes around, goes around. Share it whenever possible -- you'll be surprised with the results.

Also, I highly recommend you hug your web designers out there. As a web developer, I have found that working with web designers is reciprocal -- they give me clients, and I give them clients. Most often I send a client their way to start a project, and then the work is complete and comes back to me to flesh out with code.

Author:  josh [ Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Karma Works!

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, just don't forget that they're your enemy when they ask you to quote out a new project. Most of my clients also come from designers, or internet design agencies

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