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 Post subject: Book Suggestions
PostPosted: Wed Oct 15, 2008 1:32 pm 
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With the advent of the Internet, I suppose fewer people purchase and read books. I can agree that I purchase less books now, especially less computer manuals except for the exceptionally thorough and well-written ones, but I still purchase some none the less.

I'm in need of seeing some books on building passive web income or web development entrepreneurship in general -- something to give me great ideas or just inspiration to keep going. I'm also interested in biographies of web entrepreneurs or detailed histories of web startups. For instance, this guy really fascinates me. How Elon accomplished what he has done in such little time -- that's an amazing thing. He makes Warren Buffet, the founders of Google, and Bill Gates look almost like weenies. (However, I will admit that the Google founders are doing some amazing things lately.)

If you've read one that you found to be good for you, please let me know.

 Post subject: Re: Book Suggestions
PostPosted: Mon Nov 03, 2008 8:49 am 
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"Rich Dad Books" - a good understanding of financial literacy and the forces that control the market is essential, these series introduce it in a novel fashion ( literally in story form ) that go over all the basics and advanced topics

SPIN selling fieldbook - Once you have a product you'll need to sell it, either regularly to pitch your investors, stakeholders, etc... Most selling techniques fortune 500 uses are all based off asking questions, since its widely known and accepted good marketing is when a marketer fulfills a client need. This breaks questions down into different types or categories of questions each intended to interrogate the customer for key pieces of information, such as questions designed to make the client think about a certain thought called in implication question ( if your competitor undercut your price what would that do to your business? how would that affect you? - these are implication questions because they make the client think about failure, you can then use the push/pull principles to ask a question to make them think about a solution, to give them a thought that contrasts the bad thought and associates it with your product )

Tony Robins - Great motivational speaker, really knows how to give people paradigm shifts, this guy has talked 100s of people out of committing suicide and helped thousands of others in everyday life. The most successful CEO I know ( multi millionaire ) swears by him

Having Role models like the guy you linked is also great, a lot of the game is just staying motivated, when you really put your passion into something you enjoy and authentically try to better society you will succeed. There will be events you confuse to be failures, that are actually just hurdles. Knowing how your brain works and how it has evolved to work against you ( your brain evolved a balance of lazinesss for example to make sure you survive on as little energy as possible ) and realizing that you have the free will to override your inferior emotions like fear, laziness, etc... Tony Robins is a great resource for this, as well as many psychology books which I won't get into because that's a whole other topic

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