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PostPosted: Sun Jul 20, 2008 3:38 pm 
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If you have Ubuntu Linux and you're a PHP freelancer, you may need to have International keyboard support as you discuss money with your clients. That might mean speaking in Yen, Euro, or British Pounds. I noticed in Ubuntu Linux if you go to Keyboards, then Layouts tab, you can add an International keyboard support to make it easier to type those symbols in emails. It also gives you a handy way to do copyright and registered trademark symbols, the degree symbol, and the cents symbol. The option you might want is USA International AltGr DeadKeys.

Now you can do AltGr (right alt key) + Shift + 4 to get the British Pound, AltGr + 5 to get the Euro, AltGr + - (minus) to get Yen, AltGr + c to get Copyright, AltGr + v to get Registered Trademark, AltGr + Shift + c to get Cents, AltGr + ; (semicolon) to get Paragraph, AltGr + Shift + ; (semicolon) to get Degrees.

Again AltGr means the Right Alt key and in Ubuntu they consider it the ISO (International Standards Key) key. So, you might just consider it your "International" key.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 29, 2008 9:41 pm 
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I've used that occaisonally for writing accents in spanish... unfortunately I'm really used to the Word shortcuts, and can't seem to break out of the habit. It would be really nice if a keyboard would show on the screen with all of the alternate keys, when you press AltGr or something like that. I'd write an app like that myself, but I only know php... :|

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