regex to rearrange string

Any questions involving matching text strings to patterns - the pattern is called a "regular expression."

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regex to rearrange string

Post by bennyutzer »

hi there,

i have a basic knowledge of regex, but i came across a problem that exceeded my skills. i have a string like this:

[text][AB] SomeText (26-10-2016)[/text]

and using regex i want to transform it to:

[text][AB] 2016.10.26 - SomeText[/text]

is that possible? what regex command could i use for this?

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Re: regex to rearrange string

Post by requinix »

Regular expressions don't have "commands".

Match each portion of the string that you want to deal with, then put each into the substitution string wherever you want. For example, the search and replace could be

Code: Select all

\[(..)\] (.*?) \((\d\d)-(\d\d)-(\d\d\d\d)\)

Code: Select all

[\1] \5.\4.\3 - \2
The [AB] doesn't change so actually you could just ignore that part.
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