Need help - GD2 install doesn't support Jpeg images?

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Need help - GD2 install doesn't support Jpeg images?

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I'm running Ubuntu Linux 10.04 (Linux with Apache2 (2.2.14) , PHP5 (5.3.2-1ubuntu4) and GD2. The full output from php_info is here.

GD seems to work fine and I see no error messages, but it only works as I would expect (thumbnail creation, etc.) on GIF and PNG images and not JEPG images. New images uploaded are processed fine if they're not JPEG, but are reported as "0x0" in size if they are jpegs and cannot be resized via php.

I recently moved the site to a new server (everything worked fine on the old server), so I'm wondering if I'm missing a library or jpeg support got broken in the latest version of php5-gd ?

Any ideas / help would be great - thanks!
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