Nice initiative, one comment

GD and GD2 are useful libraries for creating graphics on-the-fly. Discuss your PHP GD and GD2 scripts here.

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Nice initiative, one comment

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It is nice to see such site, a lot of usefull scripts :)

I have to say one bad point, the link to boutell GD, as I can understand the idea, it makes no sense in the context of PHP. The Boutell GD could be considered as dead. The bundled GD is way better and many bug fixes are not present in the Boutell's GD (I tried to get them fixed, no chance). I can only recommend to to put a note on the homepage to state this fact, it will spare time for many users :)
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That's really there for historical reasons more than anything else .. but you're right, it could confuse people, so I've moved it into the introductory paragraph and deemphasised it's importance.
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