Posting a BUG? Read these GUIDELINES.

Swift Mailer is a fantastic library for sending email with php. Discuss this library or ask any questions about it here.

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Posting a BUG? Read these GUIDELINES.

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UPDATE (DEC 2008) - Please use Lighthouse for bugs instead: ... ift-mailer

If you've arrived at this forum to post a bug report bear in mind that this poor single developer is constantly working on Swift and as such there are regular (small) changes being made. If you want to get help quickly, and save me the hassle of asking "the right questions" to identify a few basic details please be sure to include the following details in your bug report:
  • The exact version of Swift you are using. These are Major.Minor.Revision notation such as 3.0.5 and can be found in the VERSION file of your download, or in the filename of the download itself.
  • The PHP version you are using. PHP4 and PHP5 are quite different; I need to know what you're using.
  • The connection you are using to send emails. i.e. SMTP, Sendmail, NativeMail etc
  • The code you're using which is causing the problem
  • A well worded description of the problem. Be verbose, I won't get bored reading a lengthy report.
With just those few details the chances of me fixing it after first contact rather than third or fourth are greatly increased.

Cheers :)
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