What does your dev environment look like

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What does your dev environment look like

Post by alex.barylski »

Hey all - it's been a while :)

Several years back I began using VirtualBox which eventually led me provisioners like Vagrant and that eventually led to CM tools like Puppet, which I use today.

All in all the experience has been positive, albeit frustrating at times. I use NetBeans as an IDE - it's slow in some respects but offers the best configuration and extension I could find (vagrant plugins, GitHub issues, xdebug, etc).

I have been working in enterprise/business application development for about 7 years now and the pressure to keep the systems modernized with minimal effort has meant I need to constantly explore new frameworks, and more recently business application platforms (ie: Oro).

Oro is a *beast* of an application and being built on top of Symfony has meant a lot of re-learning.

Last week I switched from Windows host with *nix guests to Debian host with Windows/Nix guests. This has been amazing (way better than Ubuntu) and made me consider dumping the virtualbox approach and install all my dev tools locally (to address performance and permission issues which have plagued me installing platforms under Vagrant). My only concern is, I freelance a lot on the side, I frequently have to spin up VM's for WordPress, Drupal, some random custom-framework, etc). Some require Apache, others NGINX, some require BI systems like Jasper and on and on.

The vast number of configurations I need to create would cause my host system to become unstable - so for now - the VM approach works. Unless I can figure out a way of cloning my system in a pristine state, apply a puppet script and at days end, restore original image. This process is horribly painful using CloneZilla and my attempt at using LVM was ineffective.

The core developers of these platforms often use a VM image but without puppet or vagrant provisioning them. They are a build once, update never solution. I assume they spin up a VM, connect via SSH and upload files as they go. This could work, but introduces it's own issues.

Anywho...I've said enough. If you can make any sense of what I brain-dumped above please feel free to reply :)

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Re: What does your dev environment look like

Post by Benjamin »

Hey Alex! Long time no see.

I just stick with a simple LAMP stack. In your case VMs might be the best. Just make sure you have plenty of RAM and an SSD for your primary drive.
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Re: What does your dev environment look like

Post by requinix »

I don't really know the technology but Docker may be what you're looking for.
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