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android vs ios
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Author:  sanecrip [ Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:48 am ]
Post subject:  android vs ios

today I went to BB and for the first time played with and android machine, eepad transfromer and acer iconia. I felt lost. After using and ipad,( i dont have one, I do have the iphone), honeycomb felt more like a PC than a mobile experience offered by tha ipad. Everything in the ipad seem more refined, from the hardware to the OS, everything make sense. When I got the eepad, it was full screen on a browser window. Nothing I did brought the url bar. I had to ask the BB guy , what a shame!! I had to click on certain part of the screen and that brought a stupid popup. The guy told me it took him like 2 hours reading the manual to understand. My 2 year old got the iphone and started using games, netflix and youtube. I really wanted to like the android, but it feels convoluted, the machines have more buttons than they need. I guess the android market is still soul searching, it will takle a couple of iterations.

I just search for android on the forum and discovered PhpForAndroid. It has to be super cool, to make applications with php running on android. Anyone here using this? Anyone with thought about android tablets?

If apple really delivers a new ipad , slimmer(if thats possible) and better graphics , they way they are saying, It will take years for the competition to match apple offering.

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