Diff of adodb in php vs the standard?

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Diff of adodb in php vs the standard?

Post by formslash »

hi, i hope i'm in the right forum to ask this, i hope so..
well, i'm currently studing PHP and i cross with this adodb connection in php, and isee a lot of code on it, connecting to diff. database ( eg. mysql, postgress ) and now i'm confuse what's the diff of using adodb rather than using the standard connecting to database ( mysql_connect(), mysql_select(), etc. etc. )..
Can somebody point me a direction of this confusing thought of mine, i really really appreciated.. Thanks in advance :D
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Re: Diff of adodb in php vs the standard?

Post by Christopher »

ADOdb is a database library that follows the Microsoft ADO library style and provides additional functionality, like Active Record. If you like the interface or want some of the specific functionality it provides -- then use ADOdb. There are other similar libraries, such as DBAL. There are also more advanced database libraries like Doctrine, Propel and Eloquent. Or you can use PDO if you want the standard PHP interface. Or use the library specifically for your database if you only need something simple.
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