So i need help

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So i need help

Post by anglenora2022 »

i ve no work experience on i ve 2 work on apache on win 2k.....tell me abt the configuration of apache......a step by step help required.....and i also need help on the followings...

can u povide any help on these issues

1- WildCard
2- DNS Entry
3- VirtualBlocks
4- rewrite directives
5- mode_rewrite
6- .htaccess file

etc....i 'll b very thankfull 2 u ....

Best Regards,
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Re: So i need help

Post by Christopher »

You can search the Internet for tutorials and answers for configuring Apache. DNS is a separate subject. There is also lots of information about setting and changing DNS records. Not sure what VirtualBlocks are? Do you mean VirtualHost entries? You can even search these forums for information about PHP and mod_rewrite (for example).
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Re: So i need help

Post by Panderson »

There are many tutorial videos on Youtube about Apache, also there are many articles in google. Write these requests and try to find the answers. I always do this
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