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 Post subject: READ: Forum Rules
PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2005 12:12 pm 
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1. Forum Rules
    1.1 Posting
      1. Select the correct board for your query. Take some time to read the guidelines in the sticky topic.
      2. Use descriptive subjects when you start a new thread. Vague titles such as "Help!", "Why?" are misleading and keep you from receiving an answer to your question.
        2.1 When asking a question, be as specific as you can be, provide the relevant code and any other information that is helpful in a concise and coherent manner. If you are not sure how to do that, read these guidelines.
      3. Do not make multiple, identical posts. This is viewed as spam and will be deleted.
      4. All users of any level are restricted from bumping (as defined here) any given thread within twenty-four (24) hours of its last post. Non-trivial posts are not considered bumping. A bump post found in violation will be deleted, and you may or may not receive a warning. Persons bumping excessively be considered as spammers and dealt with accordingly.
      5. People of all ages visit this forum - no profanity please. Same goes for sexual content, extreme violence or content deemed not appropriate or links to such.
      6. Do refrain from racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, or gender based insults, or any other personal attacks.
      7. Do not divulge anyone's personal information in the forum - including your own. This includes e-mail addresses, IP addresses, age, house address, and any other individual information.
      8. Do not impersonate or imitate a forum member.
      9. Warez, copyright violation, or promotion of any other illegal activity may NOT be linked or expressed or posted in any form.
      10. Member signatures are allowed, even encouraged, as long as they...
        10.1 Do not contain content that is against the rules of this community.
        10.2 Do not contain images that are larger than 300 by 65 pixels in size.
        10.3 Do not contain images who's total file size is greater than 6KB (6144 bytes).
        10.4 Do not go beyond four (4) lines of text or 65 pixels of height (excluding the forum's natural padding), whichever comes first.
        10.5 Do not contain links to web sites whose primary purpose is advertising.
      11. Please use proper, complete spelling when posting in the forums. AOL Speak, leet speak and other abbreviated wording can confuse those that are trying to help you (or those that you are trying to help). Please keep in mind that there are many people from many countries that use our forums to read, post and learn. They do not always speak English as well as some of us, nor do they know these aberrant abbreviations. Therefore, use as few abbreviations as possible, especially when using such simple words. Some examples of what not to do are ne1, any1 (anyone); u (you); ur (your or you're); 2 (to too); prolly (probably); afaik (as far as I know); etc.
      12. New forum users cannot use signatures. This is to reduce the amount of spam. Once you become active here with a set number of posts, your signatures will start appearing on new posts. You can set up your signatures, they just won't appear until a set number of posts are created.
    1.2 Advertising
      12. Webhosts may advertise their services in the appropriate thread on the Web Hosting board.
      13. Spamming and excessive advertising can result in an immediate ban.
      14. Advertisers and business accounts (a user created specifically for business purposes) are restricted to posting advertisements in either Job Hunt, Volunteer Work or Web Hosting, whichever is appropriate. If none of the allowed forums are appropriate do not post.
        14.1 You may post your advertisement once, and only once, regardless of forum.
        14.2 You may not advertise in your signature.
        14.3 You may not post press releases, regardless of forum. An open source business may post press releases in the General Discussion forum, and only that forum.
    1.3 Discussion
      15. A wide variety of opinions may be expressed on this public discussion forum. Respect positions which differ from your own. We like to see a vigorous intellectual discussion which proceeds politely and addresses the technical merits of different positions. Do not expect that anyone will alter their opinion of a topic regardless of however logical you believe your argument to be. Do not attack anyone personally for whatever reason - doing so contravenes the spirit in which this forum was founded and can have serious consequences.
      16. We encourage our users to report rule infractions to the moderators using the report button (Image).
      16.1 If you feel you did not deserve a warning as a result, please contact a moderator to inquire.

2. Moderators

There are many senior members on the forums who serve as Moderators. These volunteers keep the board organized and moving.
Moderators are authorized to: (in order of increasing severity)
    2.1 Move posts. Many times, members post in the wrong forum. These off-topic posts may impede the normal operation of the forum and will be moved to the correct forums.

    2.2 Edit posts. Moderators will edit posts that are offensive or break any of the House Rules.

    2.3 Delete posts. Posts that cannot be edited to comply with the House Rules will be deleted.

    2.4 Restrict members. This is one of the last punishments before a member is banned. Restrictions may include placing all new posts in a moderation queue or temporarily banning the offender.

    2.5 Ban members. Banning members is the most severe punishment. Duration, notification and enforcement of a ban is at the discretion of the Moderators. Usually, three or more moderators or administrators must agree to effect a ban, however, depending on the severity of the violation an immediate ban can be enforced.

3 Enforcing the Forum Rules
A formal warning is given via PM for violations of the board rules. If the violation is considered extremely severe, immediate measures can be taken without any prior warning. If you want to dispute an imposed punishment, contact a moderator.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2005 12:18 pm 
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For suggestions regarding these rules, please post here.

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