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Introduce Yourself!

Post by twigletmac »

I've decided to post this thread in response to a suggestion posted by cactus. So whether you're new to the forums or not, here's where you can say hi, who you are and what you're into.

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Post by []InTeR[] »


I'm a dutch php programmer...
4 years ago i started with php.
Before that, i programmed in C++ & Delphi.

I'm building html pages for about 7 years, but i can't design :)

I'm working with a dutch internet company (no ISP) that does lare internet related projects. My function is database specialist, but most time i'm just a programmer :).

So, do you want a date twigletmac? ;)
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Post by twigletmac »

[]InTeR[] wrote:So, do you want a date twigletmac? ;)
Sorry, I'm married :lol:

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Post by cactus »

Cheers for starting this thread and making it sticky Mac :)


I'm the Principal Developer for a large Mobile Telecoms company in the UK.

Significant experience of PHP from way back when it was PHP/FI, databases, specifically mySQL/PostGres/Oracle/Muscat and a indepth knowledge of *nix systems (Slackware is my choice of distro).

I came through the Basic->Pascal/Cobol->C/C++ route to gain my programming experience and have indepth knowledge of both front-end (GUI) and backend (server-side) development.

Thats me, pleased to meet you all.


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Post by discobean »

I've been developing in PHP for over 6 years.

Originally began writing C before University for BBS's.

I develop B2B / workflow / business processing applications, and web frontends for b2b.
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Post by nielsene »

I'm Eric, I do scientific research on a bunch of different topics. PHP is mainly for fun outside of work projects. I did do some hacking on an off-site install of sourceforge almost two years ago for about a year. Just finished Master's degree in CS.

Been programming since 2nd grade (text-based, adventure games in BASIC back then), did the whole BASIC->Pascal->C/C++->Java->Scheme->PHP bit. Currently playing with Python for work and fun. Not listing the myriad of other little languange used for just a semester in school. I'm a Debian GNU/Linux person myself. (No I don't normall say GNU/Linux, but the Debian guys like it so if I'm typing the whole thing I'll do it their way...), got tired of being the office expert on MS Office so I hid my skills there and play dumb in Windows.

My main PHP project is CompInaBox and on-line planning/registration service for collegiate ballroom dance competitions. Been trying to motivate myself to finish the web-based configuration tool for a while now, but its un-interesting work... hence I split my time working on designing/implementing a new database system and contributing to existing ones... (They really mess with your head :) )

When I'm not working or coding for fun, I'm probably dancing.

I'll most often answer threads that involve sessions, cookies, security, OOP, or database design. I tend to avoid straight PHP questions as I know there are lots of people here who can answer them.
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Post by joee563 »

i'm a forum newbie from texas (usa)...i've been working with php for 2 years now. i work with for a church as the "web developement/multimedia coordinator".

i started programming in c++ then went to java in college then perl (various system scripting languages) then started with php.

my main goal is to do web apps for churches which has it's own family of problems and issues different from the regular coporate/business world. currently i'm working on an a site for a baptist association here in texas. i'm implementing a blog type system for their site.
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Post by trollll »

Shawn here.

A fourth-year developer and fourteenth-year Mac geek who started in client-side junk and moved on to PHP and Java a couple years ago. I dropped out of high school, never got a college degree and have moved on to AMP work for the government, and now do web development at IBM Research and also contract doing PHP/MySQL work for random people.

I love telecommuting.

When I stop working for the day? I either program, play video games, make music or read.
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Post by Sinnix »

I'm a professional web designer/developer currently working for a GIS company in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I'm developing a web based data management system to handle the infamous SRTM project. 8)

I'm a big fan of php, a great hater of ASP, I code by hard rock into the wee hours of the night... or until my g/f tells me to get my ass home to bed. :wink:
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Post by evilcoder »

I'm a Trent,

Reside in sydney, aus. Been phping for a few years, but recently got rid of my computer. Doing my HSC this year so my coding has been reduced.

I spend most of my time playing guitar.
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Post by Cruzado_Mainfrm »

i'm Arturo, and i'm a beginner in php but i'm really interested in joining the masters here :D, my ambition right now is make mods for phpbb :D

i'm an intermediate programmer in delphi
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Post by McGruff »

Noel here.

Started off more as a designer but, after building & running a couple of online shops where I had to change prices by hand every couple of weeks (ouch!) I saw the need for some server side skills and started learning php last year. First php site was hooking up to a database - donations welcome! (I don't gain from this but it's a worthwhile project which will develop over the years: next big thing will be GIS).

Normally I'm working 12-15hr shifts preparing a series of modules I can use on future web sites - forums, online shop and so on.

When I can tear myself away from the puter I'll be up off up a mountain somewhere, or playing flute.

A big thank you to everyone here who helped me when I was getting started with php :)
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Post by phice »

Don, out of Dallas, and too much into PHP. ;)
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Post by daven »

I am (the) Daven, currently residing in Blacksburg, home of Virginia Tech and lots of drunk frat-boys.

During my non-coding hours, I like to corrupt innocent youths and do my best to insure the destruction of society (read: I teach martial arts and throw occasional parties which you are all invited to if you can get yourselves to bumf*ck VA).

Oh, yeah: I work as a php-scripter/sys-admin/etc./ and have a degree in Molecular Biology. How's that for a buggered up career choice?
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Post by jason »

I am the Walrus.

I am Jason Lotito, and downloaded phpBB and stuck it up here. I pretend to know PHP by hanging out with other PHP'ers, because I want to be in with the "in crowd". I use Linux because I don't like installing an OS every three months because of a virus. I have no design skills whatsoever.

I tend not to answer questions because when I go to answer them, someone else has already done that.

I run Mozilla Firebird. Occasionally, I walk IE when I am at my gf's house. My Distro of choice is SuSE, because both it and I have a lizard.

I have my own company ( ) and we are still in development. Um, I guess that's me.
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