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PostPosted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 7:33 pm 
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Hi, I am trying something new. My first experiment failed. So before I bang my head against a wall :-) I thought I would ask if it is even possible.

This code works. I have it in a table which is inside a form and when I click the form's submit button a page is called and I loop the fooMelody to get at the data.
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echo("<td style='" . $StyleVaries . ";border:1px #c0c0c0 solid;text-align:left;vertical-align:top;width:5px;height:18px;' ><input type='textbox' name='fooMelody[]' value='$ParticipateMelody' readonly style='width:10px' onclick='funcInsertM(this.value,$CurrRow)'></td>\n");

This code also works.
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[syntax=php]   echo("<td style='" . $StyleVaries . ";border:1px #c0c0c0 solid;text-align:left;vertical-align:top;width:180px;height:18px;' ><a href='/BIAB/$fldKF_BIAB_File' download>$fldSNF_SongName</a></td>\n");[/syntax]

So I want to pick up the song name in a loop in the resulting page the same was as the text box data above. However I prefer not to set it up as a text box. So I tried the code adjustment below. It accepts it but bombs in the resulting page.
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   echo("<td style='" . $StyleVaries . ";border:1px #c0c0c0 solid;text-align:left;vertical-align:top;width:180px;height:18px;' ><a name='fooSongName[]' value='$fldSNF_SongName' href='/BIAB/$fldKF_BIAB_File' download>$fldSNF_SongName</a></td>\n");

I did some google searches and the <a> tag does not seem to have a value= parameter. It occurred to me I could set up a hidden column with a textbox duplicate of the song name and get that to work. However I am wondering if there is a simpler way. I have another table on the very same form and it is just a regular table display column. I am wondering if I can get at it in the resulting page as well.

Unfortunately if I can't get it to work within about 3 hours I need to leave this project until April and figure out a way to get it out of my mind :-) Not that easy for me to do :-( and the project I need to get done for March 31st is ultra critical. What would be helpful would be if someone could point out a book or whatever where I can find 1,000 ways to access an HTML table in a php result page (one for programmers new to a language). Any thoughts? I will start reading it in April :-)


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