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Default Code Rendering

Post by Benjamin »

Can we please change the default code rendering from text to php? I mean... this being a PHP forum and all, it just makes sense and I can't imagine that this is a hard mod. Users just don't know they need to add =php in the

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 tag.  It's a lot easier to read the code and answer questions when the code is highlighted.

Has anyone looked into this?  Do we need a volunteer?
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Re: Default Code Rendering

Post by John Cartwright »

We try to keep our forum software vanilla to allow for painless upgrades (since we want to keep our forums up to date). We have learned from past experience modd'ing the forums just isn't practical under our circumstances.

Although I do agree. Such a change would not take much effort and will probably present more properly formatted posts. However, I believe we had a discussion about adding a php button, but wasn't implemented for the above mentioned reason.
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Re: Default Code Rendering

Post by socket1 »

Could a plugin be written to detect if <?php ?> tags are in a post and append and prepend the tags ?
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