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[MVC-loader] - A PHP MVC framework

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MVC-loader is a compact PHP MVC framework.
using URL based load of controllers and functions.

With this compact framework you get:

URL based loading of controllers&methods.
A built in event system.
Management over your MVC and URL access.
Support for split up /admin URL with its own MVC files.
Helpers which can be dynamically loaded.
Load models, views and controllers as you wish on the fly.

An example of a requesburl could be:

This will if it exists and if permission found load the pages controller
and execute the home function. Each tme a controller is loaded, by URL
or by PHP it will if found run the init fnction.

You can find your copy at http://mvc-loader.com/ -
The project is licensed using GPL

- Documentation is currently under construction.
- The wiki that is up and running now is being written.
- Everyone can contribute to the wiki. All they have to
- do is to register on the wiki page and start making pages
- & edit current pages.

It require PHP 5.3 >= YOUR PHP VERSION to enable events.

Link: http://mvc-loader.com/
Documentation: http://wiki.mvc-loader.com/

Dannie Hansen
Lead Developer
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