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What should our community written book be titled?

The Developer Network's Guide to PHP
PHP - By The DevNetwork Community
PHP: Installation to Application
PHP for Anyone
PHP Unraveled
Total votes: 91

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Post by Oren »

Everah wrote:Check out the book forum, Oren. There is a lot that went on while you were away for those few days.
Will do that later this night, thanks :wink:
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Post by Chris Corbyn »

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Hello DevNetters :) We could use your input on the name of our book. The book basically will take a newbie programmer into PHP and finish up with the reader being confident enough to write a basic but very well designed and solid web app in PHP.

The book should also appeal to more advanced audiences since it will cover theory, project planning, design patterns and testing. It's an all round book written by a large commnity and released free.

So what name do you think fitst best from our list of choices? :)
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Post by Benjamin »

I voted for The Developer Network's Guide to PHP
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Post by bmcewan »

I voted for "The Developer Network's Guide to PHP" although i'm thinking along the same lines as GM and aborint with the grammer of the title better suited as "The Developer's Network Guide to PHP".

I also think that aborints' suggestion makes a lot of sense as there is scope to follow on after this book is completed;
series: Developer's Network Guides
title: PHP: Installation to Application
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Post by shiznatix »

PHP: Installation to Application for me.

The Developer Network's Guide to PHP -> does not make sence if you don't know what the 'Developer Network' is.
PHP - By The DevNetwork Community -> wouldnt the DevNetwork Community be the author, not the title?
PHP for Anyone -> at first look it makes me think its gonna be a kiddy book and not worth my read (i wanted to dive in head first when I started and not be like "LEARN PHP IN 5 MINUTES")
PHP Unraveled -> makes you sound like you have unraveled some big mystery that nobody else could figure out which is not true

PHP: Installation to Application! Now this is a good one because its straight to the point. No nonsence. I want to install PHP and figure out how to use it. Don't have a book's title yelling that it will make your life easier or there was some big mystery about it. Just state what the book will be good for, which this title does so very well.
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Post by jayshields »

I went for php by the devnet comm. I think it should mention devnet in it somewhere.

To throw another grammar proposition into the fire, wouldn't "The Developer Networks' Guide to PHP" be gramatically correct?
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Post by arkdm »

I don't know. I prefer PHP For Anyone, and PHP Unraveled myself, because I think you're turning off a lot of newbies by using anything else. Newbies make up quite a large market. I can tell you from experience that when I was first starting out I wouldn't choose anything that didn't make PHP sound very easy to learn, I still do choose those books sometimes. Plus, as it's PHP For Anyone, I don't feel that it turns away more experienced PHPer's.

The Developer Network's Guide to PHP and all the rest don't really say what they mean. When I look at "PHP: Installation to Application", or "The Developer Network's Guide to PHP", I see "Blah blah blah.....". The title means nothing to me, I'm one of the large group of PHP coders that doesn't have to have anything to do with installation, and I have have no idea what the Developer Network is. Even if I did know I don't think it would be a selling point :).

But hey, that's just me.
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Post by neophyte »

Devnetwork's Guide to PHP sounds great to me! Its got the site name and PHP.
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Post by CoderGoblin »

Although I voted for the first one, couldn't you shorten it to "DevNet's" makes it sound more like a person and "user friendly".
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Post by n00b Saibot »

CoderGoblin wrote:Although I voted for the first one, couldn't you shorten it to "DevNet's" makes it sound more like a person and "user friendly".
My thoughts exactly...
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Post by nickman013 »

Ill buy the book when it is released without a doubt.
Where is the book forum?
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Post by feyd »

nickman013 wrote:Ill buy the book when it is released without a doubt.
Where is the book forum?
Read the last few pages from this thread: viewtopic.php?t=50727&start=240
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Post by Maugrim_The_Reaper »

Shorten it to Devnetwork and I'm game...

Grammer would depend on whether Developer's Network is possessive or adjective. Typically I would have though adjective over possessive - hence "The Developer's Network Guide..." Bit odd I know, but the standard fare when using a noun as a descriptive term.

Battening on my Admin hat again in a few days - see everyone in the Book forums soon...:).
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Post by christian_phpbeginner »

Hi, eventhough I didn't participated in the book creation and writing, but...

I voted for The Developer Network's Guide to PHP. Eventhough, IMO, it would have sounded better if it's:

Guide to PHP, The Developer Network's Visions

I thought it would be nice to let all the people read your book and knowing that it's the vision of The Developer Network...which is helping, teaching PHP users.

Just a thought though.

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Post by neel_basu »

I voted For PHP - By The DevNetwork Community

I Think it doesn't mater Wheather he/she doesn't know Whats DevNetwork.
While stuyding he will know it.
The Rader Will see that the Author is not one its written by a community
And the word DevNetwork Has A Glamour In It Thats Why I Think This name Would Be the Perfect one