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help to learn

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I want the software like food, like water, I desire, I love. but since I haven't always found the right way in education until today, unfortunately, I have learned very mixed together with those who cannot learn it fully. Fortunately, I got over this problem a little bit by taking a course. Although I worked for 3 years before the course, after taking the course, I progressed such a distance in 6 months that I realized that I wasted 3 years. Thank God, he's currently designing a website on demand in an advertising agency, and I'm working in the back-end part.

My request from you is this, in your suggestion, if you say, "Make an example, do a trial, or watch this training set, unfortunately this is not very effective on me. The reason for my progress in the course is that I have come to a place with an orderly, neat and knowledgeable explanation." (even if you don't know, can you mediate someone who knows). if he finds very very expert people and tells me to proceed like this

1. learn all of these topics
2. learn all these topics
3. make a sample of all of these

If this list comes out to be 10 and if you promise me (or the person who mediates) when I reach this 10, I have to be like a serious senior now. This ranking is very important, as I said, this is my understanding of education.

Also, for example, the php website has all the codes, but unless someone shows this example in video or in writing, I can't understand it unless you briefly explain it like a "talk to an idiot". As a matter of fact, php's website, for example, is now 8.1 version and while there is a code, it is no longer there, but when I put it into an application, unfortunately, I get stuck there. Someone who knows understands it directly when he looks there.

Sorry the post is long. I've taken your time, sorry. I am someone who will still deal with software even if they have billions, thank god I don't want to say a job I love because it is something I love because I would be very happy if you support me. Have a nice day.

Not: I'm sorry for my bad english
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