This is the error message SQL

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This is the error message SQL

Post by vienkr »

This is the error message:
1002 - Duplicate entry '' for key 'products_model'

update NEWS set products_quantity = '1', products_model = '', products_price = '', products_type = '0', products_date_available = null, products_weight = '0', products_status = '', products_tax_class_id = '', manufacturers_id = '0', products_last_modified = now() where products_id = '141'

I tried to edit the data but not. Who answers help to crime. I have to complete the weekend to complete the project . Help me please
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Re: This is the error message SQL

Post by requinix »

It means the NEWS table requires all products_model values to be unique. One of each.

Either provide a value for the products_model, which means you probably need to fix the other row which is also empty, or decide whether the uniqueness constraint needs to be there.
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Re: This is the error message SQL

Post by kiash »

You have made products_model field as unique property. thats why you are getting this error. I you do not required this field as unique then alter the unique attribute
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Re: This is the error message SQL

Post by Vegan »

this forum and WP all use a document ID that is a simple counter to make sure each row in a database is present

I suggest adopting the same idea
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