Where does Wordpress store all Comments posts data?

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Where does Wordpress store all Comments posts data?

Post by simonmlewis »

I am trying to see if I can get an external website's user comments into a WP one. It's not an external WP site!

So I figured if I can add it manually, then I might be able to tally up the SKU codes.

I've added a row in wp_comments using the same info as other test comments. With IP and other similar info.
I've got into wp_comments_meta and put in the verified line and rating line.
But it doesn't show on the product page.

Then I go into Comments, Tap edit, and Update (no changes), and somehow that makes it live.

So is there a third area where it gets added into Wordpress's database??
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Re: Where does Wordpress store all Comments posts data?

Post by Celauran »

Out of the box, all you need is the entry in wp_comments. It's possible you have caching that's preventing things from immediately being displayed. It's also possible that plugins you have installed have altered that behaviour.
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