What is I/O of linux server?

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What is I/O of linux server?

Post by infomamun »

My site hosted in a shared hosting on a linux server. From cpanel's resouce usage option, I can see that I/O limit for my site is 4096 and in peak time, my site often reaches to its I/O limit. As I don't know much about it and as I didn't find any details article about it after googling, I was unable to optimize my php scripts to reduce the I/O. The only thing I know about it, is Input-Output Process. Would someone explain it what is I/O and how can I reduce I/O?

Thanks in Advance.
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Re: What is I/O of linux server?

Post by requinix »

I/O means input-output. It's that generic. Maybe they mean bandwidth or bandwidth usage?

Ask them.
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Re: What is I/O of linux server?

Post by Christopher »

You may be able to reduce bandwidth by properly setting the cache controls in your HTTP headers. If the problem is not images, video, etc. being transferred. You could also rewrite some heavily used pages with Ajax to fetch the minimum HTML.
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Re: What is I/O of linux server?

Post by josh »

On my host this is disk IO. They don't limit me, they just display it so I can add more servers if it becomes a bottleneck. Your web host should be happy to tell you what it is, so they can sell you up.
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Re: What is I/O of linux server?

Post by Darrel »

How do you determine that the performance of your Linux server is I/O bound and, perhaps more importantly, what process or processes are causing the problem?
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