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Post by josefina »

What's the difference between Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop? Hi. I want to take some web design and graphics course. I want to design web pages with lots of nice graphics. I planned to take flash but I also want to take one of Illustrator or Photoshop. It seems Illustrator and Photoshop are similar? If I can afford to take one course for those then which one is more useful? It seems they both can do photo or image edit? Also employer will prefer which one better?
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Re: Photoshop

Post by pickle »

Illustrator & Photoshop are actually quite different. Illustrator is a vector image editing program. Useful generally for graphics such as logos - simpler with solid or straightforward gradients. Photoshop is used for editing photos, and is used more commonly when people need to do website mockups and other graphic creation.
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Re: Photoshop

Post by daedalus__ »

Illustrator and Photoshop are not similar. Pickle has the description down. You'll want to know at least a little of both especially if you are doing web design. You never know what parts of a website you may need to design. I use Photoshop often and I kick myself every time I have something I know would be easily done in Illustrator that I have to wing in Photoshop.
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Re: Photoshop

Post by James_Simon988 »

Illustrator program is like a "levelled-up" version of Windows program, Paint.. where in, you can generate your own illustrations, designs and pieces.. which is why its named Illustrator.. its mainly for "creating"

Photoshop is when the created illustration, needs any touch up and/or editing of some sort.. in which, Photoshop is mainly used for..

actually, employers, prefer a basic illustration and editing skills, mainly, a creative mind.. so, just learn basics of them both, and you'll do just fine! :))

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Re: Photoshop

Post by ornerybits »

James_Simon988 wrote:Illustrator program is like a "levelled-up" version of Windows program, Paint.. where in, you can generate your own illustrations, designs and pieces.. which is why its named Illustrator.. its mainly for "creating"
I don't agree with this description. Think it's pretty misleading. I use both Illustrator and CorelDRAW for vector artwork. Vector art is scalable, which means it looks the same at any size. It's the proper tool for designing logos, ads, etc. Also preparing simpler files for print -- ie not books or magazines. Also great for brochure layout, etc.

PhotoShop works with pixel-based images that are not scalable.

Both are capable of making adequate files for websites. Very different to learn and use.
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Re: Photoshop

Post by MattewHoggard »

I know that is Photoshop is huge software where Photoshop's pattern stamp tool lets you paint with a pattern in one of the Photoshop libraries or with a pattern that you create. For vector graphics illustrator is best compared to photoshop.
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Re: Photoshop

Post by clark551 »

photoshop is based on graphics and images most of web related work is based on web slicing tool while illustrator is vector based editing program where you work with vectors and their properties.
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Re: Photoshop

Post by jason321 »

Photoshop is a pixel-based software, it is best suited to editing projects that will stay at a fixed size. This includes photographs, web graphics, motion graphics, and software/Web/mobile UI Designs.
Illustrator is therefore best for images or projects that tend to be of varied size. Where by change is a major factor. Such may include vector paintings, illustrations, business cards, and card design.