Buying advertising right onsite

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Buying advertising right onsite

Post by vigreen »

I have two web sites on which I want to sell text link advertising. For one I'm already a member of TLA and they're not getting me any advertisers lately, probably because I'm listed in the middle (average PR, low Alexa because Alexa's pointless and my users are on FF, relatively high price). So I'd like to sell ads myself to my visitors.

Lots of people go to webmaster forums and make deals through private messaging and handle the advertising transactions manually. Since I'd rather have something automated for my visitors I thought of putting a PayPal "Buy It Now" or "Subscribe" button on a special page, let them enter their link details, and let PayPal automatically notify me when it's gone through and have my system put up the ad immediately.

Obviously I'd have some rules (no adult sites, no poker, etc.) and refund anyone who tried to bypass the rules.

But this is so simple I can't understand why I don't see this form of handling advertisements anywhere else. Why does no one sell ad space basically through a simple shopping cart? I feel like I'm missing something.
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