SEO Query: where to target traffic effectively

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SEO Query: where to target traffic effectively

Post by simonmlewis »

We are trying to target particular keywords of traffic on our homepage. Although we rank very high, to the point of being number one for some keywords, and really high for some national keywords, our core ones don't make us number one. More 5-7.

I did wonder if it is because a homepage is not the best spot for keywords, if the keywords themselves dont' form part of the domain name.

ie. if you are called "", is it best to push the "website designer" keyword targeting to an internal "website design" page, or to try and keep it on the homepage, but reducing other keywords on the homepage?

Problem there is that we need to link on the homepage to internal pages for our other local services.

If ranking higher on internal pages is a better move, is the term "website designer" better than "Web Designer"? As it's a website, not a web.

It would probably look odd in the menu to have "Website Designer" as a menu link itself I suspect.
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